You can never have enough Pokemon games. With the theme song rumbling through your head as you recite all 150 (now much more than that) Pokemon, you find yourself with a sad sense of nostalgia. What if we told you there was a new Pokemon game, and what's more, it's one like you've never seen before? Pokemon GO is a game app for your smartphone that brings back all your favorite elements of the original Pokemon games, but this time you'll be interacting with the physical world around you. The phone guides you around your physical environment to catch Pokemon, train them, and eventually do battle with other players.

Pokemon GO


Title: Pokemon GO
Developer: Niantic
Genre: Augmented Reality, Adventure, Digital Pet
Date: 2016
Platforms: Android, iOS


The goal of Pokemon GO is to get youngsters out and about, walking and interacting with the real world instead of just their smartphones and tablets. Although a smartphone is still required to play it, the game still bases its rewards on how far you walk or climb. This encourages a healthier lifestyle without tearing the younger generation away from their electronics. It's no regular gym routine, but it's a start.

The game uses augmented reality through your phone's camera and GPS to display Pokemon in the world around you. Before you ask, no, it doesn't project a hologram; it simply displays the Pokemon and location-based markers on your phone's screen, which is also displaying whatever your camera is pointed at. Included with the game is a Pokeball to catch any Pokemon you happen upon. It follows your motion of throwing, and the screen will show you if you were successful.

There's also an optional bracelet gamers can purchase that will vibrate when you're near a wild Pokemon. Rather than constantly stare at your phone's screen, the wristband allows you to truly see your environment while still playing. So far, the only Pokemon that will be included are the basic first generation types (Pikachu, Caterpie, etc.). This is just a basic lineup and will most likely be changed as developers tweak and update the game later on.


Of course, the game is still in development. Several elements have to be finalized before it will be released to the public. No release date has been set so far, but Pokemon fans can watch the launch trailer online to get a better idea of what the game entails. The game promises to force the gaming industry to a new level. Competitors will have to keep up with the rising popularity of augmented reality games, and Pokemon GO look like it's going to be out of this world (or rather, out in this world). One thing is for sure: Pokemon fans everywhere will be playing this game.